Licensing support

License retrieval

If you have misplaced your license information, or deleted your mail information, or otherwise lost our license, you can use this page to retrieve your licenses.

If you just bought a license then please be patient as it could take a little time to process. Also you may want to check your 'junk mail' as some times the licensing mails end up in there.

Resend licenses

Enter an email address used to purchase a license, all licenses registered to that email will be resent.

Email address :

Didn't receive your license ?

Most licenses are sent out instantly after your payment is received, usually within seconds. For some users (usually with accents and such in there names), some manual action is required to process your license, those are usually send within 24 hours.

Before reaching out to support, you may want to check your 'junk-folders', sometimes licensing e-mail from Colourful Apps is considered junk-mail, and you might have just missed it.

Still have need for support ?

Contact Colourful Apps at