Purchases at Colourful Apps

Software for sale

Some of the software at Colourful Apps is shareware, meaning you can download and use the software, but not all features and functionality will be available until after you purchase a license.

For now this includes, Froq (version 2) and Photo Desktop 2.

Lost licenses

If you previously bought a license but since then lost in, then you can have it resent to you. Go to the license retrieval page to have it resend or find alternative options.

Prices and Taxes

All items sold at Colourful Apps include 21% sales tax (VAT.) as required by the Dutch tax laws. As required this tax is applied to every item for every customer in the E.U. Customers outside the E.U. don't pay VAT.

All items are priced in Euros and can only purchased using Euros, note that the PayPal payment service will automatically convert the valuta for you. Please use the appropriate channels for current conversion rates.

AppStore products

Items sold through the Apple AppStore are taxed appropriately be Apple using the local store policies.

The Store

At the Online store you can purchase licenses, as described all through this website. Payment are handled using PayPal, there is no need to be a PayPal member, you can also pay using MasterCard or VISA on the PayPal site.

Use the buttons on the 'Buy' pages of the software to go to the store, or click here to make a selection of all items available in the store.

AppStore products

Most products are sold via the Apple AppStore. They are placed in the store for your convenience, selecting them will open the AppStore.

Upgrades to Family or Site License

The Photo Desktop Single User license can be upgraded to a Family license, you can do so by selecting the 'Photo Desktop 2 - Family License Upgrade' product in the Store. Please note that you require the Single User license key during the purchase of the upgrade.

It is no longer possible to upgrade a Froq Single User License to a Site license.

Single to multi-user upgrades will be priced, by simply calculating the difference between the multi-user and the single user license price.

If you have additional questions regarding upgrading, then contact support@colourful-apps.com for more information.