WeatherDock 3 has been cancelled

The information on this page is no longer current and will be removed in the future.

WeatherDock will be back

In 2012 WeatherDock will return. This time powered by Wunderground® weather information.

WeatherDock 3 will come with a brand new interface, add some more information and change some functionality.

On this page you will find a preview of the look and feel of the application, below you can register your email address to be informed when it is released.


The main window will have the same trusted interface, focussing on the current conditions with forecast information for the upcoming days. As before extended forecast information will be available when selecting a forecast icon.

Desktop icon

The Desktop icon has been replaced by a new option for the main window, where it can shrink to a compact size. Together with the option to float above all other windows it will keep you informed while doing other tasks.

The menu item

The menu item has been given an visual and functional overhaul. By using a new provider WeatherDock can now show extended weather information aimed at day or nighttime.

The Dock icon

The customizability of the Dock icon has been greatly reduced, as it was too complex and offered little benefits. The WeatherDock 3 Dock icon, however, now blends in greatly with all your other application.

Spoken Weather Reports

The WeatherDock spoken weather reports have been updated greatly. Using the new Mac OS X Lion voices it presents naturally spoken weather reports. And all none English speaking WeatherDock users can here reports in there own language. Click below for an excerpt of an English and Dutch weather report.

 Audio Fragment

Example English Weather Report


 Audio Fragment

Example Dutch Weather Report

All information here is subject to change

This has been a glimpse of the upcoming WeatherDock 3 application. Please note that all mentioned features and screens and even its name are subject-able to change, as development hasn't finished at the moment.