Below you'll find all frequently asked questions, which could help you solve your problems.

Does Photo Desktop run on Windows?

No, Photo Desktop is a Macintosh application and does not run on Windows. There are no plans for a Windows version or versions for any other platform.

Did you know that the licensed version of Photo Desktop allows you to create wallpapers ? You could ask a friend with a Mac to create a Photo Desktop like wallpaper for you, until your own Mac finally arrives.

How do I quit Photo Desktop ?

To replace Photo Desktop with a newer version or remove it from your system, you have to quit the Photo Desktop Editor and Photo Desktop itself. Please note that the installer will automatically quit Photo Desktop and the Editor for you.

Photo Desktop Editor can be quit by using the Quit option in the Application menu. Photo Desktop can be quit by choosing Quit Photo Desktop from the menu item, shaped like a photograph, in your menu bar next to your status icons like your clock.

How do I uninstall Photo Desktop ?

To uninstall Photo Desktop first make sure it is not running, see other Faq on how to quit Photo Desktop.

You can then simply move the application to the Trash, you can probably find it in your Applications folder.

You may want to perform some additional cleanup, remove the Photo Desktop folder found in the Application Support folder of your Library, it contains some additional cached images. Additionally you remove the AtCoreToolbox.framework, which you can find in '/Library/Frameworks'.

You can use the help documentation bundled with the Editor for a more detailed overview.

Why are there 2 Photo Desktop processes running in Activity Viewer

Photo Desktop and Photo Desktop Editor are actually 2 separate applications. Photo Desktop is the actual application that renders the photo's on your Desktop and is the only one that needs to be running. Photo Desktop Editor is the editor used to lay out your photo's. The Editor is part of and located within the Photo Desktop application. When quitting the Editor, Photo Desktop itself will keep on running, use the Menu Item (The small picture next to the clock in the menu bar) to quit Photo Desktop.

Photo Desktop 2 is shareware and no longer freeware, why is that ?

Compared to the first version, Photo Desktop 2 has been extended with tons of additional features. It were so much changes and new things that it took over 8 month to fully implement them and bring them to a satisfactory whole, being so it seems justified to ask a small fee for using every one of those new features.

Being shareware a lot of Photo Desktop 2's features are available to every using, this is not only everything you've allready found in Photo Desktop 1 but much, much more.

My license isn't accepted, what can I do ?

Most likely your license is correct, but something is going wrong when inputting it.

Please make sure the license name and key are inputted correctly, in the correct case and without any additional spaces.

To make sure nothing too much is in the target fields, click in the license dialog fields and select 'Select All' from the Edit menu before you paste a name or a key, this way you can make sure that all existing characters are removed before entering new ones.