Photo Desktop 2 comes with many new features, most importantly is the possibility to maintain multiple photosets.

Some other key features are:

  • Works behind the desktop, desktop remains fully functional, though decorated with lots of photos
  • Unobtrusive, only a small menu-item remains (and of course the photos in background)
  • Smart Photosets, automatically updating photosets
  • Photo Desktop Screensaver, to make your desktop come to live
  • iPhoto & Aperture aware, with Photo Desktop you can browse in your iPhoto or your Aperture library
  • Photo Booth aware, with Photo Desktop you can browse through your Photo Book collection
  • iSight support, when available you can use it to create photos and add them to your desktop, manually or automatically using the spy
  • Live-updates, your desktop is instantly updated
  • Multi-monitor support

Photo Desktop Editor

The restyled editor comes with many new features, see the screenshot right for an impression. A new shuffle button quickly allows you to shuffle your desktop, the camera button allows for a quick snapshot. The Photosets button on the right shows or hides the list of Photosets you collect. (Click the screenshot for a larger image).

The Photoset list, itself supplies some buttons to easily add or remove a Photoset. The Photoset Changer button opens up the Changer, see 'Advanced new features' below. With a new Photo Desktop Editor, also comes the new Photo Info panel. The new panel offers much more options that previously.

The Photo Chooser

The new Photo Chooser, used to add photos to your Desktop is extended with support for your Photo Booth pictures. It now has the ability to directly take pictures using your iSight camera. It is still easy to add photos from your iPhoto library, which is also directly available. If that still isn't enough there is always the posibility to Drag'n Drop image files directly onto the Editor window whereafter they will be imported.

The Photo Desktop menu item

Also available in Photo Desktop 2, is the little menu item added to your menubar. The item gives you access to the Editor. New in this version is the possibility change to a different Photoset, an easy submenu will allow you to select between Photosets.

Advanced new feature: The Photoset Changer

New in Photo Desktop 2 is the 'Photoset Changer' and the 'Photo Desktop Spy'. Both available from the Preferences add automation to you Desktop experience.

The Photoset changer, automates switching to other Photosets. You can define when the a new Photoset should be loaded, be it periodically of every time you log in or your computer wakes from sleep. You can also define in which order you wish Photosets to change, and optionally whether the set should be shuffled.

Note: The unlicensed version of Photo Desktop 2 only changes the Photoset 10 times.

Advanced new feature: The Photo Desktop Spy

The Photo Desktop Spy, automatically takes photos using your iSight camera and adds the to the Desktop.

You can define when a photo should be taken be it periodically of every time you log in or your computer wakes from sleep.

You can also define which part of the Desktop the photo should be added and to which Photoset the photo should be added to, making it possible to add photos to any Photoset you desire.

Finally you can select how many photos made by Photo Desktop Spy should be kept and whether or not the capture date should be added to the photo.

Note: The unlicensed version of Photo Desktop 2 only takes 10 photos using the Photo Desktop Spy.


Photo Desktop 2 is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Nederlands (Dutch)
  • Fran├žais (French)
  • Deutsch (German)