Frequently Asked Questions

This section of the site contains answers to frequently asked questions.

I am a Froq 2 user, can I try Froq 3 ?

Yes you can. However both applications are named the same. If you don't want to loose Froq 2 be sure you rename it. Using the Finder go to your /Applications folder and rename to, after than you can download the Froq 3 trial and place it safely in the /Applications folder.

What kind of connections does Froq support ?

Froq supports different kind of connections to the databases it supports. Check the Database Connections on the Databases page for details.

Froq doesn't support feature X like product Z does, why is that ?

Froq doesn't try to be a complete database management tool, so you won't find every feature every database supports. Froq tries to be a tool for easy data access, it provides a intuitive fast, easy to use and fun interface. It helps you finding your data and navigating through your data on different and easy ways.

To provide its fast and unique interface, Froq uses some database specific logic and therefore it's driver set is not user extendable.

Froq no longer support SQLite, why?

SQLite is not designed for use over a network or by multiple users at the same time. Although some locking mechanisms exists to 'lock' a database, none of them work safely over different operating systems, therefore it would easily corrupt your database.

Local SQLite databases cannot be correctly edited from the safe sandbox environment Froq 3 resides in. Perhaps in a future update, SQLite support will be added again.

So what is 'Connection Info', and when should I reload it?

Connection info, consists of a lot of information, like all table names, all constraints, etc. This is information that Froq uses to provide the fast interface and some of its features. Since this is a lot of information, Froq tries to update it in the background, and only require you too wait when basic information (tables and views) are not yet available.

When you are missing a table or view in the browser, perhaps because an other tool created it, then you may need to refresh this info manually or wait until Froq does it automatically eventually. If you desire you can manually refresh this information by selection Reload Connection Info from the Connection menu.

Does Froq run on Windows computers, or will it ever?

No, this is a Mac OS X application, which requires a Macintosh computer to run on. There are no plans for a Windows version.

Although many components have been abstracted in a way so that an alternate version could be build, the features that make Froq a unique and usable application are derived from the Mac OS X environment it is built in.

Didn't Froq stand for ... Oracle something ?

Yes, Froq was originally an acronym for 'For Rapid Oracle Querying', as in the tool for.

Starting with Froq 2, however, Froq supports more database types as well. We're keeping the name, but it no longer represents any acronym.

Can Froq be tried before purchasing it ?

Yes, on this website you can find a trial version of Froq. This version represents the full application, with the restriction that it will seize to work after a fixed number of days.

If after or during you trial period, you decide to purchase Froq, then you can purchase it in the Mac AppStore.

Can I get an extension to the trial period ?

The short answer is no. We be believe that a 25-30 day period is more than enough time to try out all the features.

How do I install Froq ?

The trial downloaded from this site, comes as a Disk image. After downloading the Disk-image (a file with the .dmg extension), you double click on it. (Your Safari browser may have opened it for you). When the disk image opens, it displays a license agreement, after carefully reading it, you must click agree to continue. In the window of the Disk-image you'll see a big Froq icon and Applications Folder icon. Drag the Froq icon on to the Application Folder and your computer will start copying Froq. When the copying is finished, you can eject the Disk-image by selecting Remove Froq from the File menu. Froq has now installed correctly.

The full version can be downloaded from the Mac AppStore. When you buy it, the AppStore application will automatically download and install Froq for you.

How do I uninstall Froq ?

Using the Finder locate the Froq application and drag it to the trash. Before doing so make sure Froq isn't running.

I have tried Froq 3, but want to downgrade Froq 2, can I ?

Yes you can. Just remove Froq 3 and download / start using Froq 2 again. Please note that settings or connections that where modified or created in Froq 3, will not be accessible in Froq 2.