Froq supports Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server databases. Froq's main goal is to provide a user-friendly browsing and editing experience to the average database user. Its goal is not to fully support every feature a database has to offer, but to provide one consistent,easy and fast interface to your database.

Froq can't offer all the same features for every type of database, this can be due to restrictions of the database or the driver. Below you'll find a schema of some of Froq's key features, set out against the different types of database.

See Database connections for the types of connection Froq can make.

Database features

SQL Server
Browsing data        
Editing, sorting, QuickFilter and drag-'n-drop filtering        
Generated keys  
Default column values        
Sequences in the context menu    
Editing without primary keys
(Other databases require primary keys to edit.)
SQL Editing        
SQL Analysis           *2         *2
Procedure / Function editing        
Procedure / Function executing        
Froq Info        
General, Columns        
DDL           *1         *1         *1
Partitioning info  
Import / Exports        
Full data exports        
Full data imports        
Transactions (Commit/Rollback)           *3    
Object Creation Assistants        
Tables, Indices, Constraints        
Management features        
Mac OS X Integration        
Autosave support        
Time Machine versioning        
Fullscreen support        

*1 On PostgreSQL DDL information isn't available for tables, On MySQL DDL information is only available for tables, On SQL Server DDL information is available for Views, Procedures and functions.
*2 On MySQL and PostgreSQL Analysis only works on SQL commands without variables.
*3 On MySQL Froq can't determine whether the connection uses transactions or not, therefore you are served with the choice to use transactions or to use autocommit.

* Note that by using alternate or older versions, or adjusted database settings, some feature may still not be available to you.

Database connections

Below is the list of connection types Froq can make Froq will always try the most modern or secure way first, and then fall back to an alternate method.

Service Name connection Automatically detected by Froq, priority
TNS Name connection Automatically detected by Froq
Regular MySQL connection
Secure PostgreSQL connection Automatically detected by Froq, priority
Regular PostgreSQL connection Automatically detected by Froq
SQL Server
SQL Authentication connection
Windows Authentication connection   Use 'domain\username' as the username in the connection panel