Froq Features


Froq feels right at home on your MacOS Desktop. With it's vibrant window, Froq fits right in between all those other Mac programs.

With features such as full screen support, the version browser (with Time Machine support) and the auto save and session restore functionality, working with Froq become has become even more natural and easier.

A data browsing experience

Froq comes with an advanced browser. All elements are directly visible and segmented by type, topped of by the trusted browser search field.


With Froq you can browse database without needing any technical know-how. With the favourite and recent items, drag and drop filtering, browsing datasets has never been easier.

Window setup

The main window contains 4 optional panels. Next to the browser, a persistent Inspector panel is always available next to the content of the selected element. Above the content the SQL Editor can be opened to execute custom queries, below the content a log can be opened registering every action you have perform.

Advanced SQL Editing


The SQL Editor contains various features to help you edit SQL. The interface tracks line numbers, helping you better navigate through your code. Froq tries to understands the SQL you type, it offers relevant completions when possible, helping you to write better SQL more quickly.

Procedure Editor

Froq contains a Procedure Editor. With it, you can edit functions, procedures and, with the Oracle, database packages as well. Select a function or procedure to open the procedure editor, edit it's code with the same features as the SQL Editor, build it and execute it.

Easy connection management

The Connection panel lets you sort, group and easily search for your connections. Combined with the colour labels, the right connections are even faster to find.


The Connection panel allows you to test a connection before creating it, vastly improving the process of finding the correct information.

Varied connections support

Froq lets you connect with Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server and MimerSQL databases. Various connection options are automatically detected and supported, including ssl support for some database, and windows authentication for Sql Server connections.

Froq Assistants


With Froq you can create various objects. This can be done from the object menu or directly from the browser. Select the appropriate Assistant and follow the steps to create a new object. Depending on your database type support for different Assistants are available:

Froq supports Table, Index, Constraint, Sequence, Function, Procedure and Package Assistants.

Import and Export


Using the Export Assistant you can easily select what you want to export and how to do this. You can export SQL statements, customizable Comma Seperated data, and Excel sheets.

The Import Assistant

The Froq Import Assistant helps you import data into a table. The import assistant can import text formats as well as XLSX (Microsoft Excel) files. The text imports can be comma separated as well as fixed with. Froq automatically detects the import format, while allowing you to tweak the import settings.

Modern features

Desktop Froq supports Dark Mode and the TouchBar. Depending on context the TouchBar adjusts, starting with choosing a connection, helping to filter and edit a resultset, up until making SQL suggestions.