If you're having trouble playing Touch Rummy or Touch Rummy HD or wish more information, look no further. Check the System requirements or read some frequently asked questions below.

System Requirements

Touch Rummy requires an iPhone or iPod Touch with a recent firmware (iOS). Touch Rummy HD requires an iPad. Update to the latest version if you experiencing any problems. See the Buy & Download page, for the current supported versions of iOS.

You can update your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad by connecting it to your computer and press the 'Check for updates' button in iTunes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the list of frequent asked questions and their remedies belows. Still have questions? Then scroll down for the contact information.

The game keeps shutting down or won't start, what can I do?

If the game won't start or keeps terminating automatically, then please restart your device. This is most-like due to the fact that your phone is running out of memory, this is a problem of the device not the game.

You shutdown the device by holding the sleep button for more than 5 seconds and then select shutdown, when it is completely shut down, you can start it again by holding the sleep button again until the Apple logo appears.

I cannot find or connect to my friend (Multiplayer)

This can have multiple causes.

Make sure you both have tapped the 'Multiplayer' button and started searching using the 'Search' button.

Make sure you both are running the same and latest version of Touch Rummy or Touch Rummy HD, it is not required to both use the regular or HD version.

When this fails try to restart the application on both devices, if that also fails then restart the devices. Also make sure you are not in an enviroment where you device's Bluetooth signal could be disturbed.

'The board is invalid', what can I do?

After every turn you must leave the board in a valid state. When you press the 'end turn' button, invalid sets will be marked red.

You should alter the board to make it valid again. If you cannot 'fix' the board, then you should press the undo button, to restart this turn.

If you cannot make a valid change to the board then you should obtain a tile from the pile.

During the game a countdown appears and my turn ends ?

This timer is new in version 2.0 of Touch Rummy.

You now have a maximum amount of time before you must finish your turn. Please go to the 'Options' and find the "Turn length" item, set this to 'Unlimited' if you don't want a timer.

How do I correctly use the interface ?

First of, you should treat Touch Rummy more as a fysical game than a computer game. Do not expect a simple tap on a tile or a tile pile to make a difference.

Place your finger directly on a tile you wish to move, not below and not on its side. The board will reposition itself when you move the tile so you can see what you are dragging later on. Also use the hint displayed when you touch a tile to verify that you've touched the correct tile.

Drag the tile to the desired new position. Keep hovering above a set which you wish to alter, see the existing set make room for your new tile.

Once certain of the position you can lift your finger to let the tile loose.

How do I correctly obtain a tile from the pile ?

If you cannot make a move (or do not wish to), then you can obtain a new tile from the pile to the right.

To do so, place your finger on the pile of tiles and drag your finger toward the rack. Once above the rack the tile will be reveiled and you can position the tile on the rack.

Note that the tile cannot be directly placed on the board, since obtaining a tile from the pile indicates the end of your turn.

I keep missing the tile I wish to touch, what to do ?

See 'How do I correctly use the inferface ?'.

How do I play Touch Rummy ?

Touch Rummy has rules similar to many other rummy variant. Check out the Touch Rummy Rules to see the rules applied by Touch Rummy.


If you want to report a bug or wish to provide suggestions, then please send an e-mail to