The goal

of Touch Rummy is to clear your rack of tiles as soon as possible and leave your opponent with penalty points. To play the game you'll need to place valid Rummy sets on the board. You can make sets by adding a new set to the board, or by adding tiles to existing sets.


You can make 2 types of sets. A 'group' which is a set of 3 or 4 tiles with the same value but all of a different color, and a 'run' which is a set of 3 or more tiles with the same color and consecutive numbers. Use a Joker to replace a missing tile.


In each turn you must add tiles to the board, if you can't place any tiles you must retrieve a new tile from the pile, ending your turn. If you have made changes to the board by placing tiles, then you can end your turn by pressing the 'Finish' button.

Your first turn

Before you can randomly add sets to the board, you must place one ore more initial sets. These sets may only contain tiles from your own rack and must have a total value of at least 30 points.


Clear your rack as soon as possible or receive a penalty. A Joker adds an additional 30 point penalty.