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Fri, 25 May 2018

Privacy Statement updated

The privacy statement of Colourful Apps has been updated. In it you'll now find exactly how this website and the products of Colourful Apps deal with privacy.

You will find how this website handles cookies from us and of third parties, and information about how the products of Colourful Apps communicatie with the website.

Here you'll find the latest Privacy statement.

Website update

The website has been updated and now, by default, restricts all third party functionality. Functionality from Facebook, Google and Twitter are now disabled by default. These will no longer place cookies and will not be able to track your internet activities via this website. If desired, you can enable this functionality yourself.


Colourful Apps no longer sells products directly via this website, only via AppStores. This is why the store has been deactivated on this site and all purchase information has been removed.

Licenses previously purchased are still retrievable via Licensing support. If you wish to be removed from this archive, please sent a message using the e-mail address used for purchase to

Social network features disabled

Some 'Social Network' features on this website have been disabled. To see which items are disabled and optionally re-enable them click here: Cookie settings.

Social network features of this site are disable for your privacy. Click here for more info