Froq 3 BETA 4

The latest Froq 3 BETA adds many enhancements and final touches to Froq 3. The SQL Editor has improved filter drag and drop support, as well as improved formatting support.

This update enhances connection support, added longstanding transaction warnings and PostgreSQL SSL support. Furthermore, various improvements including many visual tweaks where done.

Froq 3 BETA 4b update

Unfortunately BETA4 added some important bugs, BETA4b fixes these.

Froq 3

Enhanced, new, natural, easy and fast access to all your Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server databases. Colourful Apps is proud to introduce the next major version of Froq.

Optimized for Yosemite

With features such as the new full screen support, the version browser (with Time Machine support) and the auto save and session restore functionality and its updated vibrant interface, working with Froq become has become even more natural and easier.

New features

Froq has been updated with improved Export support. Using the Export Assistant you can now easily select what you want to export and how to do this. The new Froq Import Assistant helps you import data into a table.

The new Connection panel lets you sort, group and easily search for your connections. Combined with the colour labels, the right connections are even faster to find.

New Assistants help you to create Tables, indices, but also functions and procedures.

See the Froq features page for more information on Froq 3 and its new features.


Froq 3 will be available later this year. Starting today you can try the BETA and help build the Froq experience.

Check the Froq homepage for more information on Froq 3 and its new features.

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