Wed, 18 Sep 2013

After deep consideration, I have decided not to release a new version of WeatherDock. While WeatherDock 3 was building up to be a great application, it was unfortunately that no reasonable price-tag could posted on it.

Since Colourful Apps is a small company with only a limited footprint, a viable weather application would have a relative high price. Creating an ad-based alternative is not something I wish to pursue.

When WeatherDock first came to be in 2004, it was only one of a few weather applications, delivering a unique weather experience on your Mac desktop. In today's world there are many other good alternatives, most of them for free. Continuing the WeatherDock tradition would only make sense as a free or low priced application.

It is time to say goodbye to WeatherDock. But not without thanking all of you who have been supporting WeatherDock since 2004.

Many thanks also go to the following persons who contributed to the development of WeatherDock: Jari Lammi, Marc Sales, Michael Jiang, Preben Nielsen, Corentin Cras-Méneur & Josy Rochaud, Pierino Donati, Henryk Richter, Theodore Bartsas.

With regards,

Alwin Troost
Colourful Apps

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