Red-cross Donation Drive Final Standing

Fri, 21 Dec 2012

The 10 day donation run from Colourful Apps for 3FM Serious Request is over. In the past 10 days all proceeds from Colourful Apps were donated to the Serious Request - Red Cross donation drive.

Every year 3FM Serious Request tries to bring attention to a silent disaster, and hold a 7 day donation drive for the Red Cross. 3 Radio dj's go for 7 days without food and play song requests for money.

This years theme

The theme this year is "Let's here it for the Babies". 3FM Serious Request request your attention for the smallest around us: millions of babies who needs our help to stay alive.

Baby-death is a silent disaster making 5,5 million victims every year. Most important causes: lack of medical care, information and guidance. Because of this a baby dies every 6 seconds, before, during or after birth.

Final standing

The final standing, after 10 days: € 1127,- .

How Colourful Apps supported the cause

This year, for a 10 day run, all proceeds of Colourful Apps go to support the 3FM Serious Request donation drive.

Check for all information on the Serious Request project and how Colourful Apps was participating.

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