After more than 7 years of fun, the WeatherDock application will come to an end. On November 15th 2011 WeatherDock will cease to function.

License termination by, the supplier of weather data to the WeatherDock application, has updated their licensing scheme and does no longer allow for free usage. As such WeatherDock will be cut of of weather data, this November 15th at midnight Eastern-time (EST) (GMT-5).

The future of WeatherDock

WeatherDock will definitely not continue / return in its current form, as the new licensing terms are horrendous and not commercially viable. Whether WeatherDock will return in a different form is currently undecided.

Thank you !

Thank you, for using WeatherDock for all those years and helping to make it what it has become today.

Alwin Troost - Colourful Apps

Update dec 30, 2011

WeatherDock will be back, check out the WeatherDock 3 Preview page for more information.

Update september, 2013

The WeatherDock follow-up, WeatherDock 3, has been cancelled. More information.

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