Privacy statement

This privacy statement consists of 2 parts, the first concerns this website (, the second concerns products of Colourful Apps.

If you have any questions about your privacy in regard to browsing this website or using one of Colourful Apps' products, then please contact us at


1. Website

All communication with this website, whether directly via a browser or indirectly via Colourful Apps product, is done securely using the SSL protocol.

1.1 Tracking & Cookies

This website contains no form of tracking on its own. Third party functionality may, however, track your movements, however this functionality is disabled by default (see the next paragraph). The Cookies this website places on your computer are functional only; langId keeps track of the language you use on the site, HTTP_IS_RETINA helps the site to better serve retina graphics on Mac computers, 'AllowSocialCookies' stores your preference regarding whether you wish to enable the Third Party Functionality.

1.2 Third Party Functionality

This websites supports Facebook, Twitter and Google social functionality, on certain pages and news items. This functionality is disabled by default to protect your privacy. If you choose to enable this functionality, all these parties will (try to) place cookies on your computer and track your movements on the internet. Please refer to the Privacy statements of those companies if you are unsure whether to enable this functionality.

1.3 Older Product licenses

Previously, product licenses could be bought directly on this website. The purchased licences are still available in the backend of this website. All related payment information has been removed. This information consists of a license name, key and e-mail address, required to activate the product. The license, key and e-mail are stored to offer functionality for you to retrieve licenses registered to your e-mail address.

Please contact support ( if you wish to be removed from these records.


2. Products of Colourful Apps

The products of Colourful Apps contain no tracking functionality. They do, however, contain functionality to connect to the Colourful Apps website. All communication with the website is performed securely using the SSL protocol.

2.1 Software updates

All products of Colourful Apps, including some older products, contain functionality to obtain information regarding the latest version of the products from the website. When doing so, no information is send to the website. Instead, information about the latest version is requested, and it is locally (on the user's device) determined whether there is a newer version, and action should be taken.

Products that contain this update technology are: Touch Rummy, Touch Rummy HD, Photo Desktop 2, Froq 2, Froq 3 and Froq 3 (trial).

2.2 Trial product activation

To ensure trials are not used beyond the trial period, and to prevent piracy, some products contain product activation technology.

This activation is based on the users MAC-address, which is a computer hardware address. The product negotiates an activation with the website, using this MAC-address. This is necessary to prevent users to use a trial-protected application beyond its allowed trial period on the same computer. This information is removed from the server, when a new version of the product is released. Expired activations of a current product version cannot be removed, to prevent users to reactivate it.

Products that contain this activation technology are: Froq 3 (trial).