Products of Colourful Apps contain technology to connect to for updates or license validation. Colourful Apps is commited to your privacy and does not collect any personal information, except during the purchase process; some personal information is collected on this website for book-keeping purposes when purchasing a license, as stated in the section 'Purchases at Colourful Apps'.

Below you'll find the topics regarding communications with, that may be of concern to you. If you have any questions regarding your privacy, then you can send your questions to

Software updates

Most products contain features that allow you to check for updates from within the program. This can be manually or automatically.

The software does this, not by sending information to the site, but by retrieving the information about the latest version available. It will then, locally, check if your software is older then the newest available and offer an appropriate dialog.

Products that currently contain software update technology are: WeatherDock, Photo Desktop 2, Froq and Froq 2.

Online license validation / activation

To fight piracy, some products may contain online license validation or product activation. As many man-hours have been put into creating the wonderful products you are using, it is sad that there are people who don't respect that and use illegal methods to create their own license keys or otherwise circumvent legitimate use.

At Colourful Apps, we think that as a paying customer, you won't mind this validation, as it prevents others to enjoy the same applications for free while you paid for it.

Online license validation works by sending your license-key to, no additional or personal information will be sent. After sending the license-key to, the application will receive an answer from server that indicates whether the license was purchased at Colourful Apps or not.

Online activation works by negotiating an activation token with, the application will receive a token with validity and expiration information, which it will enforce and periodically validate.

In both cases no personal information is shared between your computer and the Colourful Apps servers.

If the application determines the license wasn't purchased at Colourful Apps it will disable in the application, at that point no additional information will be sent to Colourful Apps . If your license could be validated online (which will be the case if you purchases your license at Colourful Apps) you will be presented with a one time only dialog, notifying you that the validation succeeded.

Products that currently contain online license validation technology are: Froq 2. Products that currently contain online activation technology are: Froq 3 trial.

Purchases in the AppStore

For purchases in the AppStore, the Apple Store in combination with the hardware you are running will enforce lawful use. Please consult privacy information at Apple as to how this may be performed.

Purchases at Colourful Apps

To allow for license generation, retrieval when lost, online validation and book-keeping, your name, company, e-mail, country and licensing information is stored by Colourful Apps. This information is never shared with others. Payments are handled securely at, Colourful Apps does not obtain any personal or financial information from you, as this is all handled by PayPal.

Colourful Apps does receive payment results and transaction numbers from Paypal, and stores this together with the information mentioned in the previous paragraph for the same said reasons.